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Renovabio and the Shy Tory Factor

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Date published: 2022-11-16
Date modified: 2022-11-16
Reading time: 00:02:03

Author: Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik

Renovabio and the Shy Tory Factor

“I never vote without my sunglasses.”

Numerous studies seek to explain why opinion polls fail. Sometimes, as in the case of Donald Trump, to the point of causing immeasurable perplexity in the community.

The answer to this question, which is the foundation of my book Being Data, is extremely simple. Polls research fails because people lie.

In 1990, English psephologists coined shy tory to define voters who are ashamed to vote conservatively. The term evolved to the condition of a behavioral pattern, being widely studied by specialists who work in electoral processes.

This is exactly what happened with the CBIO Never Again Initiative, by Planck E. When we proposed it to the largest fuel distributors in Brazil, the logical exception was made to those who benefit from the criminal RENOVABIO program and its fake CBIO carbon credits -and at that point, the manipulated price of the CBIO was already well above R$100.00- we obtained an immediate adhesion, as can be seen in the photo that illustrates this article.

However, the technical aspects –although glaring for those who are familiar with the subject– are not as palatable to those who are not and all the pressure that the Brazilian sugar and alcohol sector exerts around the criminal RENOVABIO program, appealing to political correctness; puts fuel distributors in an absurdly uncomfortable situation.

If somehow they contest the illegality or even the injustice of the program, which is only applied compulsorily to them, they fear that they will become pariahs.

The lack of knowledge does not allow them to conceive the enormity of the crime committed in the most extensive decarbonization program in the world.

It is a fact that the Brazilian sugar and alcohol sector expects to generate –from nothing- US$300 BILLION, by 2032, with false carbon credits CBIO;

It is a fact that the banks Bradesco and Santander give credibility to crimes by securitizing false CBIO credits;

It is a fact that the largest stock exchange in Latin America, B3 lists –without any problem or ethics– the false carbon credits on its business platform;

SGS embraces the cause, even though it knows perfectly well that the program generates false carbon credits;

Next to the above are FGVUNICAMP, and EMBRAPA. To be clear: the technical-scientific-educational quartet SGS-FGV-UNICAMP-EMBRAPA knows perfectly well that RENOVABIO is a crime, and they validate, substantiate, and reinforce it.

f you want to know more about the crooked mechanism and involved institutions; know exactly how a carbon credit is generated, what greenwashing and additionality are; if you want to know which politicians were sponsored by the sugar and alcohol sector and understand the criminal nature of the RENOVABIO program, read my book Risk Management in the Green Market.

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