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The Nature of Light

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Date published: 2023-05-26
Date modified: 2023-05-26
Reading time: 00:02:05

Author: Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik

The Nature of Light

We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.”

Tom Robbins


Within the scientific orthodoxy, light is a transverse electromagnetic wave that the human metabolism can process through vision.  As with everything that science rigorously examines, Heisenberg gives us a clear and parametric rule:  the world we perceive is not Nature, but our perception of Nature.

According to the Uncertainty Principle, also by Werner Heisenberg, light manifests itself as a wave or as a particle, depending on the observer and the set of instruments.  As a wave, we have been able to determine its length and frequency, the variations of which our metabolism perceives as the color spectrum.  As a particle, it is characterized by its energy.

What never happens or, according to my school of quantum mechanics, has never happened -until now- is that a photon presents itself as a wave and as a particle.

To digress a bit through the tortuous paths of the philosophical perspective of quantum mechanics, what appears as a light and disappears; what appears as a particle and disappears.  Are these phenomena real or artificial?  Can we treat them as reflections, and if so, is there reality in the reflection?

And from there we are thrown into the always difficult definition of an intrinsic reality of the particle, given its ephemeral nature.

Light.  Given its dichotomous manifestation, can we determine the nature of light?  The first thing that comes to mind when working out a possible answer is whether such a nature exists.  Are the properties that we have been able to observe in high-energy particle sets of interrelationships that we perceive within our metabolic spectrum, or does the photon, for example, exist beyond its properties?

To clarify, does light, which we define as such, have the property of manifesting itself as a wave or a particle in the same way that the soul is said to inhabit the body?

If the photon and its manifestations are different things, yes.  And then we enter a realm that necessarily contemplates episcience.  And that would be one possibility of defining its nature.

If the photon is its manifestation, then the interrelationships of identity-less and interchangeable photons weave the warp of what we know as light.  And that would be one possibility of defining its nature.

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