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The Origin of the Elements Article published Mon, 04-10-2023

Carl Sagan said that we are made of stardust. 00:01:03 Reading time

Light and Reality Article published Wed, 04-05-2023

Is it possible that reality is the result of the interrelationship between our metabolisms and a high degree of flexibility in terms of community interpretation of these relationships? 00:01:04 Reading time

Psychology and the Arrow of Time Article published Mon, 04-03-2023

The arrow of time assures us of the inexorability of our imminent death. Could a change of perspective, where we embrace the time-frequency, be the cure for death? 00:01:04 Reading time

Prismatic Quantum Mechanics - The Realists Article published Wed, 03-29-2023

According to Valentine Telegdi, the restrictive dichotomy of reality can always be overcome by a heterodox third way. 00:01:03 Reading time

Prismatic Quantum Mechanics - The Subjectivists Article published Mon, 03-27-2023

Wouldn't it be bizarre for subjectivists to use quantum mechanics to prove the factuality of fate? 00:01:06 Reading time

If a Tree Falls in the Forest Article published Fri, 03-24-2023

Is the reflection that I see in the mirror a part of it, is it someone else somewhere else, or is it me? 00:01:01 Reading time

Godel's Incompleteness Article published Wed, 03-22-2023

When Georg Cantor proposed his set theorem, he suffered the wrath of the status quo, simply because he had disconcerted them, and yet Planck states that science is a constant funeral of theories. 00:01:02 Reading time

Bohr's Complementarity Article published Mon, 03-20-2023

Would deepening knowledge of the philosophy underlying quantum mechanics be the way to broaden our Consensus? 00:01:06 Reading time

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Article published Fri, 03-17-2023

If we focus on the philosophical aspects of quantum mechanics, which holds the secrets of physical reality, are we deconstructing Laplace's Demon? 00:01:06 Reading time

The Intelligences and Penrose Article published Wed, 03-15-2023

With the limit of Artificial Intelligence tending toward Adaptive Complex Systems, are we endangering human existence? 00:01:04 Reading time

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