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ECO/Carbon Market Report #15/2022

This report by Planck E is about the prices and trends of the carbon and ecological credits market for the period of November 29 to 05, 2022. Reading time: 00:01:13
Report published Tue, 12-06-2022

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The Science Behind Carbon Credits and Their Calculation Release published Tue, 06-14-2022

Carbon Credits have become a hot topic and a crucial tool in tackling climate change. However, in the face of many greenwashing scandals and fraudulent schemes, how can one tell if a carbon credit is genuine or not? 00:01:46 Reading time

Article by the ZerO2Nature Technical Director Article published Tue, 10-31-2017

In the Universe, the earth, a tiny speck of cosmic creation incapsulated in a space has an environment to let live any form of life on. 00:11:21 Reading time

The Cash that Came from Trash Article published Thu, 10-26-2017

The monetization of diseconomies is nothing more than a much prettier expression for making money with garbage. 00:08:16 Reading time

Cui Bono? A Very Important Question. Article published Tue, 10-24-2017

Going back to the topic of monetization of diseconomies or how to make money from trash, let's look at the possibilities of wealth generation with one of the most complicated and frightening types of refuse: hospital waste. 00:04:35 Reading time

What is a DTUcoin (DTX)? Article published Thu, 10-12-2017

You already know that a DTUcoin (DTX) is the currency that cleans the planet. But exactly what is a DTUcoin (DTX) and how does it clean the planet? 00:02:37 Reading time

The Epiconomy and the Future of Employment Article published Tue, 06-20-2017

The Epiconomy starts with the marriage of ideas conceived by Adam Smith and Richard Dawkins. In the bible of the Economy, 'The Wealth of the Nations', Smith honors us with a profound study of human nature, almost as if our justification for existence is the act of negotiation. 00:15:24 Reading time

Why Should I Know More About Diseconomies? Article published Thu, 09-22-2016

In the mid-nineteenth century, whale oil used for lighting became very expensive due to predatory hunting. The quest for a new fuel source that could guarantee lighting was urgent and thus began the oil industry. 00:02:48 Reading time

How Do We Become ZerO2Nature? Article published Tue, 03-01-2016

The theory behind ZerO2Nature is that when a productive cycle respects the principle of input-process-output without causing pollution (considering that pollution is everything Nature cannot absorb), a 'zero to nature' status has been achieved. 00:03:01 Reading time

How To Effectively Assess an Environmental Project? Article published Thu, 11-05-2015

This article aims to inform the general public about the minimal conditions of evaluating a project that supposedly reduces or eliminates greenhouse gases ('GHG') and/or other anthropic negative emissions. 00:04:35 Reading time

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