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Indecent Renovabio Article published Mon, 12-05-2022

The absurd and polluted relationship between politics, public bodies, and private institutions; corrupted by the Brazilian sugar and alcohol sector and united in the perpetuation of the biggest greenwashing scandal on the planet. 00:01:57 Reading time

Humans and Stigmergy Article published Wed, 11-30-2022

Stigmergy is one of the most beautiful demonstrations of harmony in Nature or, in the case of the Brazilian sugar and alcohol sector, one of the vilest, shameful, and criminal. 00:02:07 Reading time

Unintended Consequences Article published Mon, 11-28-2022

Despite influencing politicians, and a large share of the press, the sugar, and alcohol sector has gone too far with the infamous governmental program RENOVABIO, leading to unintended consequences. 00:02:06 Reading time

Renovabio is Crime. Renovabio is Hunger. Article published Fri, 11-25-2022

To what extent will Brazil put up with the corruption that allows the sugar and alcohol sector to generate and sell false carbon credits, while 33 million Brazilians die of hunger? 00:01:24 Reading time

Renovabio and the Subliminal Stimulus Article published Wed, 11-23-2022

Apparently, Bernays worked for the Nazis, Somoza, Nixon, and General Franco. The intimate connection with the means and actions chosen by the Brazilian sugar and alcohol sector is not a surprise. 00:01:56 Reading time

The Brazilian Enron Article published Mon, 11-21-2022

How do you explain the recurrence of Enron-type scandals? Easily. The recipe involves gigantic egos, psychopathic leaders, and an insane certainty of impunity. 00:01:56 Reading time

The Eike of the Moment Article published Fri, 11-18-2022

There are common denominators for market opportunists: charismatic, intelligent, and unscrupulous. Why do they continue to proliferate, no matter how much damage they cause? 00:02:25 Reading time

Renovabio and the Shy Tory Factor Article published Wed, 11-16-2022

In 1990, English psephologists coined shy tory to define voters who are ashamed to vote conservatively. The term evolved to the condition of a behavioral pattern, being widely studied by specialists who work in electoral processes. The Brazilian Governmental Program RENOVABIO is an example of the Shy Tory factor. 00:02:03 Reading time

Renovabio and the Contextual Illusion Article published Mon, 11-14-2022

The British series The Capture is an excellent example of the contextual illusion behavioral pattern. That is what happens with the Brazilian governmental program RENOVABIO and its fake CBIO carbon credits. 00:02:05 Reading time

Raizen and the Ethanol that Kills Article published Fri, 11-11-2022

Is it possible that a company with no respect for human beings can really commit to the environment? Of course not. 00:02:00 Reading time

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