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Rebels Without Fermi Article published Mon, 09-25-2023

Just to remind you, symmetry, super-symmetry, and so on only exist in our imagination. Nature is imperfect, in all her glory. 00:01:09 Reading time

What Are We Made Of? Article published Fri, 09-22-2023

An uncut crystal vase is worth much more than a jackfruit spout. Wouldn't this be a good time for quantum mechanics to revisit the Standard Model? 00:01:05 Reading time

Belousov, Zhabotinsky and Prigogine Article published Wed, 09-20-2023

In science, it is the bifurcations that force us to abandon determinism. And consequently, thermodynamic equilibrium. And hence the Arrow of Time. 00:01:12 Reading time

The Master and Strangeness Article published Mon, 09-18-2023

Genius is a strange thing. Turned inward, it creates evil. Turned outward, it lifts everyone. Including the genius himself. 00:01:22 Reading time

Superstrings: From Music to Quantum Mecahnics Article published Wed, 09-13-2023

The strings sing and vibrate all around us, all the time. The world is nothing but a symphonic expanse. 00:00:54 Reading time

The Devil and the Mirror Article published Mon, 09-11-2023

Current science tries at all costs to hide the fact that it is born of the imagination. 00:01:06 Reading time

The World's Memory Article published Wed, 09-06-2023

Do you know how John Nash distinguished between real beings and those created by his severe schizophrenia? The latter did not age. 00:01:05 Reading time

The Invisible Line Article published Mon, 09-04-2023

If we were to opt for a scientific tabula rasa, as the geniuses of quantum mechanics did at the beginning of the last century, would we be richer for the experience, or would we simply create new dogmas? 00:01:02 Reading time

Misunderstanding the Universe Article published Fri, 09-01-2023

If we are made of stardust, why not go back to the magic of perception and give up the sum of the parts? 00:01:04 Reading time

Nirvana of Symmetry Article published Wed, 08-30-2023

Is it possible that the stasis that drives our brains is the metabolic process that pulls us away from Chaos? Or simply a limiter of infinite possibilities? 00:01:08 Reading time

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