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Bohr's Complementarity Article published Mon, 03-20-2023

Would deepening knowledge of the philosophy underlying quantum mechanics be the way to broaden our Consensus? 00:01:06 Reading time

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Article published Fri, 03-17-2023

If we focus on the philosophical aspects of quantum mechanics, which holds the secrets of physical reality, are we deconstructing Laplace's Demon? 00:01:06 Reading time

The Intelligences and Penrose Article published Wed, 03-15-2023

With the limit of Artificial Intelligence tending toward Adaptive Complex Systems, are we endangering human existence? 00:01:04 Reading time

Matter and Antimatter Article published Mon, 03-13-2023

Max Planck said that physical theories are nothing but an eternal funeral, where the current one is replaced by a new and improved version. 00:01:03 Reading time

Beyond the Speed of Light Article published Wed, 03-08-2023

If tachyon breaks through Einstein's wall, will it explain what's behind Planck's wall? 00:01:02 Reading time

Bill Murray and the Omphalos Article published Mon, 03-06-2023

What if the contextual assessment of the possibilities gave you the certainty of occurrence? At Omphalos, we contextualize events by considering their amplitude, totality, and scenarios (potential, possible, and probable) within the Frequency of Time. 00:01:15 Reading time

Sky Colors? Sun Party... Article published Wed, 03-01-2023

As in João Bosco's song, the colors of the sky are the result of the sun's party. But how does the celebration take place? Here is the explanation. 00:01:04 Reading time

Omphalos, A Bridge Between Chaos and Complexity Article published Mon, 02-27-2023

Thirty years ago, the Academy was surprised by the promises related to Chaos and Complexity Theories. Thirty years ago, we sought a bridge between the two. Every day -each one in its way-we wake up, have breakfast, shower, and go do what we have to do. When I wake up, I know I'm going to brush my teeth. I know I'm going to a future I have no doubts 00:10:45 Reading time

The Elegance in Science Article published Fri, 02-24-2023

In Physics, the chances of its proof are directly related to its simplicity. Elegance. 00:01:06 Reading time

What Happened to Quantum Mechanics? Article published Wed, 02-15-2023

Physics is effective in describing an empirical reality, but it is quantum mechanics that would allow us to explore a totally independent reality that simply does not fit the definition of force of space-time. 00:01:04 Reading time

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