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Relating Angles to Hours Article published Mon, 02-13-2023

I believe that Petey Neadertal discovered his soul when he first looked at the sky. Even though we have mapped every bit of the nearby universe, the emotion that Pedrinho experienced overwhelms us with the same magnitude every time we raise our eyes. 00:01:03 Reading time

The Relationship Between M-Theory and Mercator Article published Fri, 02-10-2023

Quantum mechanics, it's the Mount Everest of chocolate, the flying pig, a starry sky magnificently captured by Van Gogh's sensibility. Above all, it is a bright signal that should linger in the mind of every scientist: I know I know nothing. 00:01:06 Reading time

Particles or Superstrings? Article published Wed, 02-08-2023

In the two years I spent at the ETH with Valentine Telegdi, my questions were always met with: What do you think? How brilliant does a teacher have to be to give up his position of power and listen to the fresh and crisp ideas of his students? 00:01:06 Reading time

After All, What Are Elementary Particles? Article published Mon, 02-06-2023

Geoffrey Chew, Niels Bohr, Max Planck, and many other top theoretical physicists understood that there is no conflict or separation between the quantum world and reality. We just don't see the connection yet. 00:01:07 Reading time

The Bewilderment of a Kilonova Article published Fri, 02-03-2023

Pulsars, quasars, neutron stars, supernovae, kilonovae. There are certainly more mysteries between heaven and earth than the vain philosophy of man can imagine. The Bard was never more right. 00:01:05 Reading time

Supernovae and Anti-Gravity Article published Wed, 02-01-2023

Planck time is a mental exercise proposed by the German genius based on the idea of the Big Bang, by Georges LemaƮtre. Kind of a joke. Someone with an IQ of 192 has rather idiosyncratic views on jokes. 00:01:06 Reading time

Aspect's Experiment Article published Mon, 01-30-2023

A photon X decays into two photons A and B. Although separated by light-years, it is only possible to comprehend the totality of A if B is part of the evaluation. Quantum entanglement moves the observer from Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle to center stage. 00:01:04 Reading time

If it Weren't for the Neutrons Article published Fri, 01-27-2023

Quantum mechanics is like Bridge. It has rules, but you only become an excellent player when you feel them. There is a precise moment when you and Bridge are one. 00:01:19 Reading time

The Importance of Knowledge Article published Wed, 01-25-2023

COVID19 has definitely frayed the fabric of our reality. If we follow the logic of other difficult times for humanity, a new era of brilliance has arrived. 00:01:52 Reading time

Confortably Numb? Article published Mon, 01-23-2023

Fundamentally, quantum mechanics is difficult for us to grasp because it destroys the comfort zone that is most dear to us: reality. 00:01:23 Reading time

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