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Extremely Simple

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Date published: 2023-11-24
Date modified: 2023-11-24
Reading time: 00:01:15

Author: Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik

Extremely Simple

“Things are simple or impossible.”

Bertrand Russel


In 2001, I was invited by Sydney Possuelo to participate in the Ajuricaba expedition, whose purpose was to evaluate the surrounding areas with isolated indigenous peoples.  Sydney, in his role as President of FUNAI, understood that it was not necessary to make contact with the isolated indigenous peoples or rather to force them to do so.

In this experience, which completely changed my life, I had the opportunity to observe the simplicity of the Indigineous People's relationship with Nature.  For example, in front of 832 million streams, inside a very fragile canoe, the driver knows which way to go.  "How?" I ask, and with absolute simplicity, he answers me: "Ah... knowing..."

In physics, it is not only quantum mechanics and classical mechanics that are at loggerheads.  Newtonian physics and Ptolemaic astronomy have more secrets than our vain philosophy can imagine.

But what we seek is simplicity.  Physics must be simple.

Why is that?

Because we now work with four closed systems: Newtonian mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, the theory of relativity, and quantum mechanics.

Each of these fields has a set of axioms that are so simple as to be childish, yet they contain countless interrelationships that make up the laws of physics.

This simplicity encounters the very dangerous relationship between map and territory.

In theoretical physics, for example, we imagine situations that we subject to tests and then relate them to formulas to describe our observations of phenomena.

The delicacy of the situation lies in our egos. A hypothesis that reaches the category of theory gives us the feeling of having discovered fire, when all we are doing is inventing formulas that, incorporated into an axiomatic system, describe -in our view- reality, when in fact they describe themselves -so much- as a segment of it.

Very simple.

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