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Last Private Forest in Northern Brazil is Offering Nature-Based Credits for Environmental Compensation Release published Thu, 11-17-2022

The owners of the last intact plot of Amazonian Forest, spread out over 6 thousand hectares, in the northern state of Maranhão, Brazil, are seeking eligible participants to purchase 250,000 tons equivalent of avoided CO2 emissions and 176,000 biodiversity preservation credits, for pollution offsetting purposes and ESG commitments. 00:01:05 Reading time

Eccentrics and their Ingenious Solutions Release published Mon, 08-22-2022

If you have a great idea, but nobody understands it or thinks it's too unorthodox, don't worry, for the Planck E PressCenter will help you spread the word. 00:01:05 Reading time

The Science Behind Carbon Credits and Their Calculation Release published Tue, 06-14-2022

Carbon Credits have become a hot topic and a crucial tool in tackling climate change. However, in the face of many greenwashing scandals and fraudulent schemes, how can one tell if a carbon credit is genuine or not? 00:01:46 Reading time

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