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Fruits of Chance Article published Fri, 06-02-2023

Are we the result of cosmic chance or the result of a very sophisticated arrangement whose emergent property is consciousness? 00:01:06 Reading time

Conscience and Reality Article published Wed, 05-31-2023

Consciousness grasps reality or conceives it? 00:01:04 Reading time

The Absence of Purpose Article published Mon, 05-29-2023

Within the Consensus, everything makes sense. What we fail to observe is its segmented nature. Hence the invalidity of observation. 00:01:19 Reading time

The Nature of Light Article published Fri, 05-26-2023

Could light manifest in any other way than as a wave or a particle? 00:02:05 Reading time

What is the Speed of Time? Article published Wed, 05-24-2023

Physical time is nothing more than a parameter manifested by psychological time. 00:01:02 Reading time

Cause, Effect and Vacuity Article published Mon, 05-22-2023

If we let go of the Arrow of Time, will we find eternity? 00:01:03 Reading time

Gell-Mann and the Quark Article published Fri, 05-19-2023

Why are geniuses impatient, irascible, and evasive? Because they see far beyond Consensus. 00:00:58 Reading time

Matter Stability Article published Wed, 05-17-2023

If atoms are giant voids, why can't we walk through a wall? 00:01:02 Reading time

Ontological Chance Article published Mon, 05-15-2023

Isn't it time to expand and deepen our understanding of onto=being and logos=study? 00:01:03 Reading time

To Understand Heisenberg Article published Fri, 05-12-2023

Quantum mechanics is not about giving up what you know. It's about not being afraid of what you don't know. 00:01:24 Reading time

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