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The Parametrization of Science Article published Fri, 02-02-2024

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that life itself is an experiment, and therefore the more we experiment, the better. 00:01:14 Reading time

A Scientific Impossibility Article published Wed, 01-31-2024

There is no way to find particles smaller than elementary particles because the collision of elementary particles results in elementary particles. 00:01:17 Reading time

The Unsustainable Stability of the Atom Article published Mon, 01-29-2024

As Carrie Fischer said, immediate gratification robs us of a lot... 00:01:13 Reading time

The Bell-Curve and the Neutron Article published Fri, 01-26-2024

It is the reductionist arrogance of the homo that impoverishes him. 00:01:14 Reading time

How to Calculate the Distance to Stars Article published Wed, 01-24-2024

In response to a challenge from King Hieron II, Archimedes was able to determine the purity of a golden crown without damaging it. 00:01:13 Reading time

Così È (Se Vi Pare) Article published Mon, 01-22-2024

In one of his very sad Letters to Theo, Vincent Van Gogh takes pity on the pigs who, because they have no neck, cannot contemplate the stars. 00:01:12 Reading time

The Singular Explosion Article published Fri, 01-19-2024

We measure the distances between stars by extrapolation; while we take a child who has an invisible friend to a psychiatrist. 00:01:06 Reading time

The Danger of Wedges Article published Wed, 01-17-2024

Did you know that there is no possibility of life on Mars because all the chemical reactions have already happened? 00:01:14 Reading time

The Four Forces Article published Mon, 01-15-2024

There is a genetic tendency in humans, called stasis. It's something like an ancestral laziness. However, from the moment it is won, ah...the rewards!!! 00:01:25 Reading time

Bob, Geoff, Frisco and the Nothingness Article published Fri, 12-08-2023

What if consciousness is not an emergent property of the interrelations of neurons but rather everything that exists? 00:01:05 Reading time

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