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εTime, the Tool of the Future Article published Fri, 09-23-2022

εTime is an exclusive Planck E product used for the delivery of strategic consulting; the search and contextualization of the sets of actions that have resulted in the current situation of the company in order to create new sets of actions that alter not only the image but mainly the perception of this image. 00:03:35 Reading time

Beige, Our Current Color Article published Tue, 09-20-2022

Our civilization is living under the dictatorship of political correctness. How good is this? Is repression a better way than education? These are the considerations that Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik from Planck E makes in her new book Beige. 00:04:03 Reading time

Einstein and the Impossibility of the Higgs Boson Article published Mon, 09-19-2022

This article by Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik of Planck E is a critique of the Higgs boson from a quantum-mechanical perspective. 00:01:34 Reading time

PLEURASUIT and Well-Being in Space Article published Fri, 09-16-2022

PLEURASUIT® is a biomimetic solution that mimics the functioning of the human respiratory system. 00:01:07 Reading time

The KKA Series Article published Tue, 09-13-2022

Over the course of the pandemic, Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik wrote four books of what would become the KKA series. 00:01:53 Reading time

Planck's Wall Article published Mon, 09-12-2022

This article written by Planck E's Patrizia Tomasi Bensik is about Heisenberg, WWII, Naziism, the Big Bang theory, and the joke played by Max Planck with his wall. 00:02:06 Reading time

Life Credits for Sale Article published Fri, 09-09-2022

This article by Planck E's Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik is about the vision and courage of Frederico Pontarolo, the first man to champion the concept of life credits. 00:02:06 Reading time

Economy + Diseconomy = Epi... What? Article published Wed, 09-07-2022

This article by Planck E's Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik is about the origin of the ZerO2Nature standard and how it evolved from the UN Clean Development Mechanism framework. 00:01:17 Reading time

The 8th Civilization Died of Covid-19 Article published Mon, 09-05-2022

This article, written by Planck E's Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik is about the eighth civilization, the peak of which occurred on July 20, 1969, when Armstrong stepped onto the moon; and disintegrated with COVID-19. 00:01:41 Reading time

About Memory and Smell Article published Fri, 09-02-2022

This article written by Planck E's Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik is about the sophistication of our olfactory system, which is such that we can treat everything from depression to schizophrenia, to eating disorders, just by evoking adequate olfactory memory. 00:01:27 Reading time

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