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εTime, the Tool of the Future

Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Date published: 2022-09-23
Date modified: 2022-09-23
Reading time: 00:03:35

Author: Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik

εTime, the Tool of the Future



On September 20, 1979, Lee Iacocca saved Chrysler from bankruptcy. Armed with his controversial but brilliant decisions and his gigantic ego, Iacocca defined what we now know as the post of CEO.

In 2005, Jeff Immelt took over the overall direction of GE. One of his first actions was the creation of Ecomagination, a green division to be seriously incorporated into one of the most traditional American companies.

If Chrysler and GE had used εTime, their CEO profile would have certainly worked as an agent of change for the situation they found themselves in. How?

εTime is an exclusive Planck E product used for the delivery of strategic consulting; the search and contextualization of the sets of actions that have resulted in the current situation of the company in order to create new sets of actions that alter not only the image but mainly the perception of this image.

In a crisis scenario, where the company has lost more than 20% of its market value concerning the baseline of the last three years, the expected result of the εTime is a minimum recovery of 50% of the lost value, in three months from the implementation of recommended actions.

εTime works as an independent cell linked to the CEO's office and his staff. The cell is formed by Planck E consultants and a team of professionals designated by the organization. In the design, elaboration, and implementation of every service provided, Planck E works with CONTEXT3D, a proprietary tool that facilitates a three-dimensional view of all evaluated contexts and allows the interrelation of data in real time. εTime team does not interfere with the company's current strategy, nor does it conflict with other internal/external management consultancies. After a period of evaluation and contextualization of the current situation, historical data, and future scenarios, a report will ensue with a set of actions, along with an implementation strategy, decisive for achieving the desired entropic time.

For anyone who wants to know technically what entropic time is, I suggest you read my articles "Time: Weight or Volume?" and "Cassandra's Curse". In any case, I think a quick explanation is in order here.

In a practical and relevant approach to the title of this article, entropic time refers to the set of simultaneous occurrences and their unfolding in a certain period, where the contextual evaluation of the past facts is made –in the present- as an inexorable future and, from there, we use this knowledge to determine the causality of the desired impacts, through surgically programmed actions.

Thereby, we will have:

  • the Past as a theater of past events;
  • the Future as a theater of probabilities;
  • Time-Space as a theater of possibilities and;
  • the Present as the theater of occurrences.

In the Time-Space-Past relationship, the events that occurred function as a parameter for the degree of freedom of the events and as a measure of entropy with or without a catalyst, creating not only the eventual contexts but also determining the speed (entropic time) of what happened. The perspective we are looking for is to consider the present as the future of that past event and, instead of adopting the Arrow of Time, which relates to the fact that occurred, we will look for the densification zones, through the super-positions of the then space-time possibilities, transposing them to the Time-Space-Future context with the synchronization of the event's dissipation, allowing access to the densest area of occurrence.

O...K...but what do Iacocca and Immelt have to do with this?

Let's say you are the CEO of a large company. What is the company's current reality? 

  • Crisis: in the last three years there was a devaluation of more than 20% in the shares; vis-a-vis a baseline;
  • Image Recovery: In the last three years there was a devaluation of less than 20% in the shares, in relation to the baseline;
  • Image Improvement: In the last three years, the company's shares have remained at the baseline;
  • Image Maintenance: The value of the shares reflects the health of the company.

In terms of the market, what matters is not the reflected image but the perception of this image!

With εTime, we interrelate production cycle patterns at six different levels, ranging from unrelated to completely relevant.

In other words, if we had had the opportunity to apply εTime on September 20, 1979, we would have known with certainty that Chrysler's great resilience would lie in Iacocca's freedom of action; as well as the over 40% appreciation in GE stock, a year after Immelt's appointment as CEO.

Among the parameters that make up the results offered by εTime, in relation to the company's CEO are reputation in the industry, political capacity, market sensitivity, distance to retirement, and history of permanence in the position, among others. 

In addition to the usual assessments of market position, level of corruption, current public perception, employee satisfaction level, ecologically correct attitudes, results, accidents, scandals, novelties, and obsolescence, εTime also contextualizes another 108 behavioral parameters of the market, ranging from the Abilene Paradox to Artificial Intelligence, through Abductive Reasoning, Acertus Market, Friendship/Enmity Complex, Anagnorisis, Animal Spirit, etc.

In three months, your company can go from being a dying patient to becoming a professional athlete. Entrust your company's health to Planck E; the competent surgeon with the best and most modern scalpel on the planet!


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Lee Iaccoca
  • Jeff Immelt
  • Context3D
  • Cassandra's Curse
  • concept of time

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