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Renovabio and the Subliminal Stimulus

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Date published: 2022-11-23
Date modified: 2022-11-23
Reading time: 00:01:56

Author: Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik

Renovabio and the Subliminal Stimulus

“I saw a subliminal message advertiser.

But just for a second.”

Steven Wright


In 1919, William Sidis had his book The Psychology of Suggestion published. Sidis raised the possibility of a field of unconscious and subliminal perception linked to the senses, especially vision. Sidis points to the existence of a context within us that –let us say – would be dormant to the reality of Consensus, but alert and connected to another type of stimulus, perfectly operational in an alternative perception.

Sidis, in addition to being the most intelligent man on the planet, or maybe because of that, was very much an ethical person. The same is true of the nephew that turned Sigismund into Freud; using exactly the subliminal stimulus.

And what does this have to do with RENOVABIO?


Similar to Edward Bernays, Freud's infamous nephew, who used and abused the irresistibility of subliminal messages, everything revolving around the criminal RENOVABIO program appeals to political correctness, to the Damocles’ sword over the heads of fuel distributors in Brazil. If somehow they contest the illegality or even the injustice of the program, which is only applied compulsorily and exclusively to them, they run the enormous risk of becoming pariahs, agents provocateurs of the largest decarbonization program in the world.

RENOVABIO is a crime of ideological falsehoodembezzlementmarket reserve, and generates false carbon credits, the CBIO. Nevertheless, the associations of the Brazilian sugar-alcohol sector continue to promote trips around the world, having no shame in lying – blatantly – about the RENOVABIO greenwashing program.

In addition, Bradesco and Santander banks give credibility to crimes, legalizing false CBIO carbon credits.

Moreover, the largest stock exchange in Latin America could not be left out: B3 lists –without any problem or ethics– the false carbon credits on its business platform.

When questioned, Bradesco, Santander, and B3 claim they are covered by Brazilian law. Exactly like the Nazis, the pieces of evidence, with the CVM, the Federal Public Ministry, the Federal Police, the ANP, and MME, stack up.

SGS, a former Designated Operational Entity of the UNFCCC, auditing projects that generate carbon credits, and BV, also embrace the cause, even though they know perfectly well that the Renovabio program generates false carbon credits.

To round off, and substantiate the naughtiness, the sugar and alcohol sector brings to the table FGVUNICAMP, and EMBRAPA. And the technical-scientific-educational quintet SGS-BV-FGV-UNICAMP-EMBRAPA, who know perfectly well that RENOVABIO is a crime, validate and enforce it.

If you want to know more about the institutions involved, about additionality, carbon credits, greenwashing, and politicians sponsored by the sugar and ethanol sector; if you want to understand the crime that is the RENOVABIO program, read my book Risk Management in the Green Market.

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