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The KKA Series

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Date published: 2022-09-13
Date modified: 2022-09-13
Reading time: 00:01:53

Author: Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik

The KKA Series

It will be a killer, and a chiller, and a thriller,

when I get the gorilla in Manila.

Muhammad Ali



When the pandemic arrived, I had two alternatives: stick giant iron needles in my eyes, heated to the violet degree of the radiation spectrum of a black body, or find something to do. I started writing again. After spending a year writing BeInG Data, I thought I could try something lighter. As a Brazilian, I also figured that I could have the opportunity of catharsis to rid myself of the growing incompetence and stupid extremism that is devastating my country. I decided to write a thriller.

KKA is a supranational agency, the executive arm of the Bilderberg Club, bringing together the 38 most powerful people on the planet. The director of the KKA is a genius psychiatrist, Gerlof Ocie Daems; whom everyone calls God. The six agents of Kalos Kai Agatos are functional psychopaths and highly intelligent patients of GOD. The plot of the first book of what would become a series treats Brazil as the epicenter of COVID19 and the UN's determination to isolate the country. Upon learning this, the government of corrupt and corruptors discovers its true vocation: murder.

That's when I discover that fun is addictive. Result: I write Eternity, in which a rock star, a scientist, a genius, the daughter of the richest man on the planet, and a hacker – radically – seek the path to eternal life. Either through spiritual experience or through uploading their consciousness to the virtual space.

Fun. Another dose: Shadow Box. If Orwell convinced us that all animals are equal, but some are less equal than others; so those who are less equal must command. When it was created in 1954, the Bilderberg Club sought to permanently bring together the experience of the most influential people on the planet; above and beyond the seasonality of governments. However, within the Club, an even smaller group of animals emerges, and they are even less equal. They have something in mind. And this is no good.

So far, I've written four books of the KKA series, up until Depletion: All around the world, cell phones are experiencing instabilities. Worse: the internet is unstable. That Monday, June 22, starts badly for the world. Is it the Earth's Magnetic Field? The coronal mass ejection from the sun in April, a tongue of fire twenty thousand kilometers deep and two hundred thousand kilometers wide scaring the scientific community... or is someone purposely creating the problem to sell the solution?

In every book in the series, I present some ingenious solutions from Planck E.

Right now, I've just written a book on fashion, started another about our behavioral patterns, and getting the thrillers translated into English... I can't wait to finish them, in order to go back to the KKA headquarters!


  • ingenious solutions
  • Bilderberg Club
  • eternity
  • conscienceness upload
  • coronal mass
  • near death experience
  • upload brain to computer

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