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Energy Week in Review #68/2024

This report by Planck E is about the prices and trends of the global energy market for the period of February 21 to February 27, 2024. Reading time: 00:02:09
Report published Thu, 02-29-2024

Carbon Credits

Superficial knowledge about carbon credits is no longer an excuse.

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How Do We Become ZerO2Nature? Article published Tue, 03-01-2016

The theory behind ZerO2Nature is that when a productive cycle respects the principle of input-process-output without causing pollution (considering that pollution is everything Nature cannot absorb), a 'zero to nature' status has been achieved. 00:03:01 Reading time

How To Effectively Assess an Environmental Project? Article published Thu, 11-05-2015

This article aims to inform the general public about the minimal conditions of evaluating a project that supposedly reduces or eliminates greenhouse gases ('GHG') and/or other anthropic negative emissions. 00:04:35 Reading time

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