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Is There Always a Beginning? Article published Wed, 04-26-2023

The Earth was once the center of the Universe. It was once flat (to some it still is). It was once inhabited by vengeful gods. Will we, in the arrogance of being human, be able to destroy her? 00:00:58 Reading time

Authenticity in Science Article published Mon, 04-24-2023

Did you know that when Max Planck formulated the quantization theory of the radiative atom, he spent two years trying to prove that his theory was invalid? 00:00:58 Reading time

Ethics in Science Article published Wed, 04-19-2023

There is no possibility of deep and long-lasting technical-scientific evolution without the constant observance of ethics. 00:01:02 Reading time

Science is not Wisdom Article published Mon, 04-17-2023

When we achieve Poundian humility, the truth of knowing that we know nothing, the doors of science open to wisdom. 00:01:05 Reading time

How Does the Sun Work? Article published Fri, 04-14-2023

Nature produces glass, polymers, and glue that sticks underwater in reactions so sublime for their simplicity that can thrill us. 00:01:04 Reading time

Nuclear Fusion Energy Article published Wed, 04-12-2023

In the 1940s, we were able to reproduce the destruction that Nature causes during nuclear fission. Is it now time to reproduce creation? 00:01:02 Reading time

The Origin of the Elements Article published Mon, 04-10-2023

Carl Sagan said that we are made of stardust. 00:01:03 Reading time

Light and Reality Article published Wed, 04-05-2023

Is it possible that reality is the result of the interrelationship between our metabolisms and a high degree of flexibility in terms of community interpretation of these relationships? 00:01:04 Reading time

Psychology and the Arrow of Time Article published Mon, 04-03-2023

The arrow of time assures us of the inexorability of our imminent death. Could a change of perspective, where we embrace the time-frequency, be the cure for death? 00:01:04 Reading time

Prismatic Quantum Mechanics - The Realists Article published Wed, 03-29-2023

According to Valentine Telegdi, the restrictive dichotomy of reality can always be overcome by a heterodox third way. 00:01:03 Reading time

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